Welcome Book Clubs!

Dear Book Club Members:

For the past few years, I’ve been able to “talk” to book groups via speakerphone during their meetings. What a blast!  For so long, I wrote books and never really met anyone who had read them.  It is such a joy to talk to women from all over the country. We talk about anything and everything—my books, other books, best friends, kids, sisters. You name it, we’ll discuss it. So if you belong to a book group and you’ve chosen one of my books for your discussion and would like me to join in, please fill let me know so I can schedule time to speak with your group.  Please note that I request at least 30 days’ notice. I can’t promise to fulfill all the requests, but I will certainly do my best. And don’t forget to join me on Facebook.  I love talking to readers.  The more the merrier!


Kristin Hannah

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