Angel Falls

Behind the Book

Angel Falls was a challenging book to write at the time. In it, the heroine is in a coma for most of the story, and while she in unconscious, she remains central to the plot. This book was, in simplest terms, a love triangle. That was the surface story, at least. But what I really loved about it, was that it examined two completely different kinds of love, and reminded the reader that a woman can be in love with two different men in her life—and that ultimately, a choice has to be made. For Michaela, the heroine of this book, the choice was between her first and second husbands—one who had swept her away with his passion and broken her heart, and the other, who had grounded her with the constancy of his love and healed her soul. And all of this story—her choice—was carried out between the men while she lay sleeping. As a novelist, the challenge was to create two men worthy of her love so that the reader could reasonably believe either choice; as a writer, the challenge was to write a triangle love story primarily through the two men’s viewpoints. In the years since its publication, Angel Falls has proven to be a real “love it or hate it” book.